Full-on ANSP solution for ATCOs management

 News ANSTAFF ATS Unit Personnel ManagementANSTAFF is more than just a rostering  – it is a full-on ANSP solution for Air Traffic Controllers management that

  • keeps complementary HR data to the enterprise HR system such as general work and rest time rates for employees, license and endorsement validity scheme, etc. 
  • tracks all coming events (medical health exams, ATC Unit competence scheme, etc.)  
  • notifies stakeholders of upcoming events  
  • generates a set of needed docs based on the user predefined templates promptly and efficiently 
  • provides statistic reports such as unit personnel availability forecast, further staff planning, employee required data that must be available on employee or national supervisory authorities requests 
  • forms schedules (rosters) with multi-user collaboration possibility based on dashboard concept  
  • manages the monitoring of the employee’s awareness processes via Briefing Room
  • keeps paperless information exchange between employer and employee 

In 2022 ANSTAFF is available as PaaS (product as a service) when the Customer pays for the system, using just a basic subscription.   

Please, check the product description here and contact us for more information.