ATC Simulator Out of the Box Proposal

ANSART BV, a Dutch company founded by ATM professionals with experience in aviation industry of more than 20 years, offers state-of-the-art training solutions for Air Traffic Controllers.

The choice of simulators has always been tough due to high pricing, confusing customization parameters, necessity of creation of multiple training scenario options, specific hardware requirements and overall investment needed.

Our solution key advantages are:

  • Tailorable, field-proven integrated tower and radar simulator: Including 3D visualization, embedded VCS and set of exercises into a packaged solution.
  • Easy Roll Out: Out-of-the-box configuration and training scenarios, ready to be installed on any COTS or already existing hardware.
  • Reasonable price and flexible payment scheme: Choice between 1,3 or 5 instalments with a maximum price of 50.000€*
  • Trustworthy and reliable solution: Ansart ATC SIMULATOR has already been used by thousands of ATCOs. References and live demonstration are available upon request.

Due to the COVID-19 global outbreak we offer online/remote demonstration of our solution.

*Prices include, remote software installation, comprehensive product training, training and product e-guidance, 8 lifetime licenses for controller/pseudo-pilot working  positions, 1 lifetime license of 270° 3D-tower working position, 1 lifetime license of supervisor working position, embedded VCS and set of exercises available with the following pricing options:
·       40 000 € – one-time payment;
·       45 000 € – over three years with a yearly instalment of payment (15 000 € a year);
·       50 000 € – over five years with a yearly instalment of payment (10 000 € a year);