Airport Traffic Monitoring System



An airport is a complex system that can be efficiently managed by humans providing that a proper automation solution is available. Without this, any deviation from normal airport operations can easily affect the airport ecosystem.

The Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) is a part of the solution that provides surveillance, control, planning, and guidance for Air Traffic Controllers. A-SMGCS is a concept well-specified and documented by ICAO and EUROCONTROL. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) focus on A-SMGCS development, giving an operational tool to Air Traffic Controllers to prevent accidents like in Lima (Perú) in 2022, Porto (Portugal) in 2022, Lisbon (Portugal) in 2022 and many others.

However, after a while, a critical issue of the managers and car drivers of Airport Operators not being involved in the A-SMGCS ecosystem pops up. Even though the A-SMGCS concept presumes that airport vehicles shall be equipped with ADS-B transponders, traffic information is not disseminated to the driver level, so the idea doesn’t work for the drivers correctly. And, of course, traffic awareness is also a crucial topic for fleet managers responsible for apron traffic control. Thus, the question arises as to how this situation can be improved.

ANSART has a solution, the Airport Traffic Monitoring System, designed to provide ground traffic situation awareness for all airport stakeholders, especially in the interests of the ground fleet managers and vehicle drivers.

Safe traffic management is achieved through constant traffic monitoring and various event detection based on ADS-B technology. Airport Traffic Monitoring System continuously monitors an airport air and ground traffic and detects events defined within the system, including those outlined in A-SMGCS, e.g., area proximity and penetration warning, overspeeding, leaving the assigned zone, collisions between an aircraft and another vehicle/a vehicle and another mobile, and many others defined by a customer within the solution…

A key element of the solution are vehicles equipped with ADS-B transmitters that operate in airport environments, such as fire trucks, follow-me-cars, ground handling vehicles, etc.

An in-car device is a tablet with an application that manages communication with the drivers. The application shows the car’s location on a moving airport map along with airport air and ground traffic. Every single driver precisely knows the car position and runway status (free or occupied) and gets a notification or alarm if a risky situation occurs.

Thus, the Airport Traffic Monitoring System from ANSART B.V. significantly enhances safety by detecting and alerting of potential hazards and conflicts, improves ground operations efficiency by providing real-time information on the location and movement of aircraft and vehicles, betters situational awareness enabling the users to quickly identify and respond to potential safety issues, and enhances collaboration by facilitating communication between airport stakeholders, such as air traffic control, ground handlers, and airport operators.