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Product-as-a-Service in Air Traffic Management

Product-as-a-Service in Air Traffic Management   Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to modify existing business models and find new ways to survive, grow, and stay competitive in the current economic situation. One of the ways is a Product-as-a-Service concept that will be presented in this article.   The pandemic has changed the situation… The […]

World ATM Congress 2022 Invitation

ANSART team is excited to announce that we will be back in Madrid in June! We welcome you to the 2022 World ATM Congress that will take place between the 21 and 23 of June. World ATM Congress is the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference attracting over 6,000 registrants during […]

Brazil: Airports Fact-Finding Mission

According to the official information, Brazil is modernizing the infrastructure of its airport sector, promoting the most extended sequence of auctions in its history. It is strategic for Brazil to transfer control of airports to the private sector in order to increase investments and the quality of services. Brazil is the largest economy in Latin […]

ATM Product-as-a-Service by ANSART

We are proud to be published in Air Traffic Control Association bulletin with our article on one of the hot topics today. Product-as-a-Service. Is it applicable in an Air Traffic Management environment? What is Product-as-a-Service? In a nutshell, Product-as-a-Service (PaaS), also known as Product-Service Systems (PSS), is a combination of products and services. It implies that […]

All ATCO management in one tool

ANSTAFF is aimed to automate and digitalize the personnel management processes within ATC units.   It is a product designed from scratch specifically for the ATC environment. ANSTAFF is a modular solution that can be used as stand-alone or as an extension of an already existing HRM system. ANSTAFF can be  : supplied as a ready […]

Full-on ANSP solution for ATCOs management

 ANSTAFF is more than just a rostering  – it is a full-on ANSP solution for Air Traffic Controllers management that keeps complementary HR data to the enterprise HR system such as general work and rest time rates for employees, license and endorsement validity scheme, etc.  tracks all coming events (medical health exams, ATC Unit competence scheme, etc.)   notifies […]

World ATM Congress 2021 Invitation

Ansart welcomes you to the 2021 World ATM Congress that will take place in Ifema, Madrid between the 26th and 28th of October. We invite you to booth 1352, where you can discover our latest solutions for the ATM industry. You will be able to: View product presentations Get product digital and physical material Get […]

AMHS Web Terminal application development news

As our customers already know that ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) will become mandatory on 4 November 2021. The GRF is applicable to all airports regardless of their location, local weather, and operating conditions. In sake of safety, pilots must receive information on runway surface condition during key phases of flight. Therefore, airports must identify […]

The crucial role of an Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a service provided by Air Navigation Service Providers and its purpose is to direct aircrafts on the ground and through controlled airspace. ATC can also provide advisory services to aircrafts in non-controlled airspaces.   Air Traffic Controllers play a critical role in commercial flight operations and safety. Usually, they are […]