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World ATM Congress 2021 Invitation

Ansart welcomes you to the 2021 World ATM Congress that will take place in Ifema, Madrid between the 26th and 28th of October. We invite you to booth 1352, where you can discover our latest solutions for the ATM industry. You will be able to: View product presentations Get product digital and physical material Get […]

AMHS Web Terminal application development news

As our customers already know that ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) will become mandatory on 4 November 2021. The GRF is applicable to all airports regardless of their location, local weather, and operating conditions. In sake of safety, pilots must receive information on runway surface condition during key phases of flight. Therefore, airports must identify […]

The crucial role of an Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a service provided by Air Navigation Service Providers and its purpose is to direct aircrafts on the ground and through controlled airspace. ATC can also provide advisory services to aircrafts in non-controlled airspaces.   Air Traffic Controllers play a critical role in commercial flight operations and safety. Usually, they are […]

Cooperation Announcement with Airport Suppliers

Ansart, a leading CNS/ATM implementation and integration specialist, announces that it has partnered with RBS Global Media Limited to expand its reach across the globe. RBS Global Media Limited through their world’s premier procurement portal for airport operations bring added value to the already successful online presence of Ansart. Our customers and interested parties are […]

Future Technologies in ATC: Remote Digital Towers

Just recently A military airbase in Florida is testing a remote digital tower that allows air traffic control to take place hundreds, or even thousands of miles, away from runways. Testing was done using real-world scenarios and the airbase’s daily operations. Meanwhile the Scandinavian Mountains Airport, with IATA code SCR is the first airport in […]

February 2021-Aviation News

Air Traffic in Europe will deteriorate during the first quarter. It is reasonably assumed that a significant improvement will only be visible from April and onwards, according to the latest short-term forecast data from Eurocontrol. The European air traffic management body says today that any recovery going into 2021’s summer season depends on whether the […]

ADS-B 1090 MHz Receiver Update-Certification

ANSART has completed the procedure for confirming the compliance of its 1090 MHz Receiver Module (ADS-B receiver module) with the mandatory requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. This enables an access for the company’s high-tech product to the market of such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia. Striving to develop […]

Autumn 2020-Aviation News

Although since mid-April there had been a steady increase in flights, with a more noticeable increase in summer holiday season, following the resurgence of COVID-19 traffic began to decline again, especially since early September.  The dramatic reduction in traffic has forced many aircraft operators to temporarily or permanently suspend from services a significant portion of their fleet. More than 6,000 aircraft were grounded only in […]