Autumn 2020-Aviation News

Although since mid-April there habeen a steady increase in flights, with a more noticeable increase in summer holiday season, following the resurgence of COVID-19 traffic began to decline again, especially since early September. 

The dramatic reduction in traffic has forced many aircraft operators to temporarily or permanently suspend from services a significant portion of their fleetMore than 6,000 aircraft were grounded only in Europe. 

Airlines have been fighting against this impact since it appeared. Although industry showed some signs of recovery, it is difficult to say that situation is stable. 

The 20 largest airlines in the world are estimated to have a combined loss of about $ 17.45 billion every month as COVID-19 impact. 

Each grounded narrow-body aircraft generates about $ 300,000 in losses per month and grounded long-haul aircraft is currently generating loss about $1.04 million per month.  

The total losses for airlines are around $600 thousand per grounded narrow-body aircraft and $7.24 million per grounded long-haul aircraft per month. 

In a normal market environment flying aircrafts are intended to bring profit and indeed, aircraft suspended from services are becoming a real burden.