Spring 2021 Aviation News

Cooperation Announcement with Airport Suppliers

Ansart, a leading CNS/ATM implementation and integration specialist, announces that it has partnered with RBS Global Media Limited to expand its reach across the globe.

RBS Global Media Limited through their world’s premier procurement portal for airport operations bring added value to the already successful online presence of Ansart.

Our customers and interested parties are now able to find unique solutions like our ADS-B based Airport Ground Movement Display System (ADS-B AGMDS) only through AirportSuppliers or directly via our website.

Future Technologies in ATC: Remote Digital Towers

Just recently A military airbase in Florida is testing a remote digital tower that allows air traffic control to take place hundreds, or even thousands of miles, away from runways. Testing was done using real-world scenarios and the airbase’s daily operations.

Meanwhile the Scandinavian Mountains Airport, with IATA code SCR is the first airport in the world to be built without an Air Traffic Control tower. The air traffic management is conducted from Sundsvall, 350km away of the airport. The remote tower monitors the airport with 17 wide-angle cameras, giving the ATCOS in Sundsvall real time control.

Image from Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


But what are the benefits of a remote digital tower?

  1. They can provide aerodrome control services to more than one aerodrome, where dedicated and/or local air traffic services are considered neither sustainable nor cost-effective.
  2. Small and less controlled aerodromes can have enhanced safety nets, with the provision of aerodrome control services from a remote location.
  3. Remote Digital Towers can act as a contingency tower to maintain aerodrome control operations in case of an emergency of the main tower.
  4. By providing a digital feed of the aerodrome controller’s view to airport operations control centres, Remote Digital Towers can also enhance the situational awareness of airport stakeholders in collaborative decision making and in responding to emergency situations.
  5. They will reduce the the need for large-scale ground-based infrastructure and expensive equipment.

Improvements in digital surveillance technology, more accurate sensors, safer and faster data transmission links, data-processing systems, higher definition displays and improved cyber safety will enable the industry to start moving faster towards Remote Digital Towers.



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February 2021-Aviation News

Air Traffic in Europe will deteriorate during the first quarter. It is reasonably assumed that a significant improvement will only be visible from April and onwards, according to the latest short-term forecast data from Eurocontrol.

The European air traffic management body says today that any recovery going into 2021’s summer season depends on whether the second quarter of the year, governments will start to relax travel restrictions.

Before that point, the present situation is “a complete disaster for European aviation”, according to Eurocontrol director general Eamonn Brennan, as countries impose stricter border controls amid concerns about new Covid-19 strains.

February and March will be “exceptionally low across the network, except for cargo, some business traffic and skeleton scheduled services”, he says.

In February, flight numbers are expected to decrease by 72-74% comparing to 2019 levels, while for March they are expected to be 72-77% lower.

Brennan, states that  “Even April is expected to perform very poorly with only a limited pick-up for the Easter period. Flights in Europe will probably only be around 25%-30% of normal.”

Indeed, April is the decision point in Eurocontrol’s forecast; the month where its two scenarios significantly diverge.

A first, more optimistic scenario outlook foresees a partial improvement in traffic during the second quarter, with some relaxation of travel restrictions.

A second, more pessimistic scenario forecasts no improvement during the second quarter, as travel restrictions remain in place, pushing any “reasonable” recovery  in air travel until the third quarter at least.

Under the first scenario, traffic would be down 68% on 2019 numbers in April, while under the second it would be down 78%.

If the optimistic scenario plays out, air traffic would be 55% down on 2019 flight numbers come June, with the third quarter expected to deliver further improvements.


  1. https://www.eurocontrol.int/traffic-scenario/new-eurocontrol-traffic-scenarios-factor-latest-covid-impacts-european-aviation

Ansart Quality Management System ISO 9001

ADS-B 1090 MHz Receiver Update-Certification

ANSART has completed the procedure for confirming the compliance of its 1090 MHz Receiver Module (ADS-B receiver module) with the mandatory requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. This enables an access for the company’s high-tech product to the market of such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia.

Striving to develop and entering new markets is an integral part of the company’s strategy and long-term goals.

Autumn 2020-Aviation News

Although since mid-April there habeen a steady increase in flights, with a more noticeable increase in summer holiday season, following the resurgence of COVID-19 traffic began to decline again, especially since early September. 

The dramatic reduction in traffic has forced many aircraft operators to temporarily or permanently suspend from services a significant portion of their fleetMore than 6,000 aircraft were grounded only in Europe. 

Airlines have been fighting against this impact since it appeared. Although industry showed some signs of recovery, it is difficult to say that situation is stable. 

The 20 largest airlines in the world are estimated to have a combined loss of about $ 17.45 billion every month as COVID-19 impact. 

Each grounded narrow-body aircraft generates about $ 300,000 in losses per month and grounded long-haul aircraft is currently generating loss about $1.04 million per month.  

The total losses for airlines are around $600 thousand per grounded narrow-body aircraft and $7.24 million per grounded long-haul aircraft per month. 

In a normal market environment flying aircrafts are intended to bring profit and indeed, aircraft suspended from services are becoming a real burden. 


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  2. https://www.aerotime.aero/gediminas.ziemelis/26005-true-scale-of-covid-19-pandemic-17-45-billion-losses-per-month 


ADS-B 1090 MHz Receiver Update

To innovate and ensure  the quality and cost-effectiveness of our products, ANSART is constantly working on products improvement. As a result, we are proud to announce the start of production of the new generation ADS-B 1090 MHz receiver as an industrial 3U Eurocard “CompactPCI Serial” module, an industrial standard for modular computer systems. It is based on the established PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI standard which uses the parallel PCI bus for communication among a system’s card components.

ANSART works in close collaboration with our local Dutch partner company Telerex Nederland on the finalization of  ADS-B 1090 MHz ground station specifications and on seting up local production. 

If you are looking for partnership to be our local distributor or setting up local production, ANSART is open for discussion at any time.


Holiday season 2020-Air Traffic Growth

Holiday season 2020 has triggered air traffic growth

Based on CANSO ATM Traffic Analysis Report issued on July 2020:

  • The average number of daily flights for the weeks of 12 July and 19 July, 2020 were 68,700 and 70,400 respectively. This represents a decline of 40% from the comparable global daily average in July 2019 when over 117,000 flights operated daily.
  • Average daily flight hours for the weeks of 12 July and 19 July, 2020 were 139,900 and 143,000 respectively. That remains 40% less than average global daily flight hours the year prior, when 240,800 flight hours occurred daily.

The original report is available here:


HRM System(Anstaff)-Update 1.0

ANSTAFF development /Pre-shift briefing functionalities

As our customers already know, some time ago ANSART team developed a solution aimed at personnel management process automation and digitalisation.

Our solution came by the name of ANSTAFF with ideal composition of unified ecosystem including:

  • Personnel Data Base Management
  • Scheduling/Rostering
  • Authorization
  • Analytical Forecasting
  • Messaging
  • Pre-shift briefing
  • Testing

We continued our research and development of our solution and happy po announce that new version of Pre-shift briefing sub-system was successfully developed and tested in collaboration with or customers.

Pre-shift briefing subsystem now available in both web-based and mobile apps and comes with the following features:

  • Automated access to the information required to ATC Unit personal to be familiar with before beginning of operational duty;
  • Individual and group information dissemination;
  • Customer’s predefined briefing blocks;
  • Briefing blocks are presented to the user in a way defined by system administrator;
  • Each briefing block has creation and information validity data;
  • Creation or/and loading of information to the briefing blocks by authorized users;
  • Store of all creation and loadings to the briefing blocks done by authorized users, date and time;
  • Remote access to the briefing blocks (web-based) after employee authentication;
  • Review status of each briefing block is presented to the employee and respectively coded by colours or buttons;
  • Notifications when acquaintance with each briefing block is acknowledged by employee, date and time;
  • Alert to ATC Unit Managerial staff if acknowledge message not received, date and time;
  • Acknowledge messages related to acquaintance with each briefing block, date and time;
  • Acknowledge messages related to acquaintance with each briefing block for selected employee on predefined templates;
  • Display on the monitoring page of the ATC Unit managerial staff status of familiarization with the briefing blocks of employee’s on duty;

Pre-shift briefing Subsystem is available not only as part of ANSTAFF but also as stand-alone application

We will continue with development of our HRM solution keeping in mind that ANSTAFF is  “simplicity at its finest with a strong focus on reducing time-consuming tasks”.