ELTA: Eerste Luchtvaart Tentoonstelling Amsterdam

Today is an important date for aviation and the Netherlands’ history.

Exactly 103 years ago, the first air transport exhibition ELTA was held in North Amsterdam.

The ELTA (Eerste Luchtvaart Tentoonstelling Amsterdam) was officially opened by Queen Wilhelmina on 1 August 1919 and lasted six weeks.

A total of 51 aircraft were on display, as well as several seaplanes and zeppelins.

In addition to aeroplanes, many aviation-related companies were present: many stands displaying construction, photography, maps, tools, meteorology, clothing, the army and navy, etc.

Aviation at the time was exciting, relatively new and exclusive, so some 545,000 people came to enjoy it.

ELTA made a big impression on the general public with the flight demonstrations and the luna park.

Not everyone went to the exhibition, but instead went into the unbuilt areas around the site and watched the many flight demonstrations that were given for free.

If you paid 40 guilders, you could take a flight over Amsterdam, which 3,265 people did (40 guilders from the year 1919 have a “purchasing power” of approximately 585 € today).   

1919 was a remarkable year, as the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was also officially established in October.


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Queen Wilhelmina performs the opening of the ELTA:

Photos: SAA www.theobakker.net