HRM System(Anstaff)-Update 1.0

ANSTAFF development /Pre-shift briefing functionalities

As our customers already know, some time ago ANSART team developed a solution aimed at personnel management process automation and digitalisation.

Our solution came by the name of ANSTAFF with ideal composition of unified ecosystem including:

  • Personnel Data Base Management
  • Scheduling/Rostering
  • Authorization
  • Analytical Forecasting
  • Messaging
  • Pre-shift briefing
  • Testing

We continued our research and development of our solution and happy po announce that new version of Pre-shift briefing sub-system was successfully developed and tested in collaboration with or customers.

Pre-shift briefing subsystem now available in both web-based and mobile apps and comes with the following features:

  • Automated access to the information required to ATC Unit personal to be familiar with before beginning of operational duty;
  • Individual and group information dissemination;
  • Customer’s predefined briefing blocks;
  • Briefing blocks are presented to the user in a way defined by system administrator;
  • Each briefing block has creation and information validity data;
  • Creation or/and loading of information to the briefing blocks by authorized users;
  • Store of all creation and loadings to the briefing blocks done by authorized users, date and time;
  • Remote access to the briefing blocks (web-based) after employee authentication;
  • Review status of each briefing block is presented to the employee and respectively coded by colours or buttons;
  • Notifications when acquaintance with each briefing block is acknowledged by employee, date and time;
  • Alert to ATC Unit Managerial staff if acknowledge message not received, date and time;
  • Acknowledge messages related to acquaintance with each briefing block, date and time;
  • Acknowledge messages related to acquaintance with each briefing block for selected employee on predefined templates;
  • Display on the monitoring page of the ATC Unit managerial staff status of familiarization with the briefing blocks of employee’s on duty;

Pre-shift briefing Subsystem is available not only as part of ANSTAFF but also as stand-alone application

We will continue with development of our HRM solution keeping in mind that ANSTAFF is  “simplicity at its finest with a strong focus on reducing time-consuming tasks”.