Modular-Mobile Units Collaboration Proposal

Ansart B.V, has currently expanded its operations as a manufacturer of modular and mobile units. Ansart’s units are ideal as mobile or fix-based scalable solutions for air traffic management. Our marketing and technical teams have started working on the design of a cost- effective, turn-key and easy roll-out solution. This solution will allow to manage air traffic in terminal areas, aerodromes, heliports and can be deployed as a contingency or shadow operations control center. The concept of the project intends to bring to the market fully equipped units with:

  • Air Traffic Control System
  • Ground-to-Air Radio Communication Equipment
  • Weather Observing System
  • ADS-B surveillance
  • Recording and playback system
  • Communication Equipment
  • Auxiliary Equipment:
    • Air Conditioning system
    • Power supply equipment
    • Equipment racks
    • Obstruction lights
    • Household equipment
    • Tools and accessories


  • VCS (Voice Communication System)
  • Semi-trailer, trailer or special vehicle chassis
  • Lifting device
  • Diesel Generator

If you are interested to be a part of this project as a sub-product supplier, expert in the area of design and development, system integrator looking forward to being a local representative, or you’re a potential customer interested to tailor the solution to your needs , you are welcome to collaborate with us. You can directly contact the team by e-mail, at