ADS-B 1090 MHz Receiver Update

To innovate and ensure  the quality and cost-effectiveness of our products, ANSART is constantly working on products improvement. As a result, we are proud to announce the start of production of the new generation ADS-B 1090 MHz receiver as an industrial 3U Eurocard “CompactPCI Serial” module, an industrial standard for modular computer systems. It is based on the established PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI standard which uses the parallel PCI bus for communication among a system’s card components.

ANSART works in close collaboration with our local Dutch partner company Telerex Nederland on the finalization of  ADS-B 1090 MHz ground station specifications and on seting up local production. 

If you are looking for partnership to be our local distributor or setting up local production, ANSART is open for discussion at any time.


Holiday season 2020-Air Traffic Growth

Holiday season 2020 has triggered air traffic growth

Based on CANSO ATM Traffic Analysis Report issued on July 2020:

  • The average number of daily flights for the weeks of 12 July and 19 July, 2020 were 68,700 and 70,400 respectively. This represents a decline of 40% from the comparable global daily average in July 2019 when over 117,000 flights operated daily.
  • Average daily flight hours for the weeks of 12 July and 19 July, 2020 were 139,900 and 143,000 respectively. That remains 40% less than average global daily flight hours the year prior, when 240,800 flight hours occurred daily.

The original report is available here:

HRM System(Anstaff)-Update 1.0

ANSTAFF development /Pre-shift briefing functionalities

As our customers already know, some time ago ANSART team developed a solution aimed at personnel management process automation and digitalisation.

Our solution came by the name of ANSTAFF with ideal composition of unified ecosystem including:

  • Personnel Data Base Management
  • Scheduling/Rostering
  • Authorization
  • Analytical Forecasting
  • Messaging
  • Pre-shift briefing
  • Testing

We continued our research and development of our solution and happy po announce that new version of Pre-shift briefing sub-system was successfully developed and tested in collaboration with or customers.

Pre-shift briefing subsystem now available in both web-based and mobile apps and comes with the following features:

  • Automated access to the information required to ATC Unit personal to be familiar with before beginning of operational duty;
  • Individual and group information dissemination;
  • Customer’s predefined briefing blocks;
  • Briefing blocks are presented to the user in a way defined by system administrator;
  • Each briefing block has creation and information validity data;
  • Creation or/and loading of information to the briefing blocks by authorized users;
  • Store of all creation and loadings to the briefing blocks done by authorized users, date and time;
  • Remote access to the briefing blocks (web-based) after employee authentication;
  • Review status of each briefing block is presented to the employee and respectively coded by colours or buttons;
  • Notifications when acquaintance with each briefing block is acknowledged by employee, date and time;
  • Alert to ATC Unit Managerial staff if acknowledge message not received, date and time;
  • Acknowledge messages related to acquaintance with each briefing block, date and time;
  • Acknowledge messages related to acquaintance with each briefing block for selected employee on predefined templates;
  • Display on the monitoring page of the ATC Unit managerial staff status of familiarization with the briefing blocks of employee’s on duty;

Pre-shift briefing Subsystem is available not only as part of ANSTAFF but also as stand-alone application

We will continue with development of our HRM solution keeping in mind that ANSTAFF is  “simplicity at its finest with a strong focus on reducing time-consuming tasks”.

Modular-Mobile Units Collaboration Proposal

Ansart B.V, has currently expanded its operations as a manufacturer of modular and mobile units. Ansart’s units are ideal as mobile or fix-based scalable solutions for air traffic management. Our marketing and technical teams have started working on the design of a cost- effective, turn-key and easy roll-out solution. This solution will allow to manage air traffic in terminal areas, aerodromes, heliports and can be deployed as a contingency or shadow operations control center. The concept of the project intends to bring to the market fully equipped units with:

  • Air Traffic Control System
  • Ground-to-Air Radio Communication Equipment
  • Weather Observing System
  • ADS-B surveillance
  • Recording and playback system
  • Communication Equipment
  • Auxiliary Equipment:
    • Air Conditioning system
    • Power supply equipment
    • Equipment racks
    • Obstruction lights
    • Household equipment
    • Tools and accessories


  • VCS (Voice Communication System)
  • Semi-trailer, trailer or special vehicle chassis
  • Lifting device
  • Diesel Generator

If you are interested to be a part of this project as a sub-product supplier, expert in the area of design and development, system integrator looking forward to being a local representative, or you’re a potential customer interested to tailor the solution to your needs , you are welcome to collaborate with us. You can directly contact the team by e-mail, at


ATC Simulator Out of the Box Proposal

ANSART BV, a Dutch company founded by ATM professionals with experience in aviation industry of more than 20 years, offers state-of-the-art training solutions for Air Traffic Controllers.

The choice of simulators has always been tough due to high pricing, confusing customization parameters, necessity of creation of multiple training scenario options, specific hardware requirements and overall investment needed.

Our solution key advantages are:

  • Tailorable, field-proven integrated tower and radar simulator: Including 3D visualization, embedded VCS and set of exercises into a packaged solution.
  • Easy Roll Out: Out-of-the-box configuration and training scenarios, ready to be installed on any COTS or already existing hardware.
  • Reasonable price and flexible payment scheme: Choice between 1,3 or 5 instalments with a maximum price of 50.000€*
  • Trustworthy and reliable solution: Ansart ATC SIMULATOR has already been used by thousands of ATCOs. References and live demonstration are available upon request.

Due to the COVID-19 global outbreak we offer online/remote demonstration of our solution.

*Prices include, remote software installation, comprehensive product training, training and product e-guidance, 8 lifetime licenses for controller/pseudo-pilot working  positions, 1 lifetime license of 270° 3D-tower working position, 1 lifetime license of supervisor working position, embedded VCS and set of exercises available with the following pricing options:
·       40 000 € – one-time payment;
·       45 000 € – over three years with a yearly instalment of payment (15 000 € a year);
·       50 000 € – over five years with a yearly instalment of payment (10 000 € a year);





Human resource management in ATM environment. How can we streamline and optimize it?

Although WATM 2020 has been cancelled, you can experience online how we are evolving Air Traffic Management.


Nowadays ATC unit managers have a number of demanding challenges that consist not only of managing their staff which in itself is a quite difficult and time-consuming duty.  Modern day practice has proven that the latter can be optimized using HRMS (Human Resource Management System) automated processes which has become a necessity in most departments for core HR data management.

Sometime ago ANSART was approached by a European ANSP (Air Navigation Service Providers) with a request to investigate how the processes of ATM staff management in place can be optimized and automated.

Our solution comes by the name of ANSTAFF.  The best way to describe ANSTAFF is: “Simplicity at its finest with a strong focus on drastically reducing  time-consuming tasks”.



Email our solutions team to request a meeting with one of our experts at