“Previously confined to classroom teaching and learning on the job,  air traffic control training is becoming more accessible and  flexible thanks to new technology and work habits”

by Jennifer Beechener reports, @RegionalGateway




Air traffic control (ATC) is transforming how it teaches and maintains the specialised skills needed to manage air traffic safely. Several factors lie behind the changes. Plainly, the pandemic has led to a universal shift to online and remote services across multiple industries. However, until very recently, the high definition, precision graphics capabilities necessary to generate air traffic control scenarios limited the industry’s ability to recreate scenarios via web-based services accurately. Now improved computer processing power, coupled with technology sourced from the gaming sector, is enabling the first cloud-based AlC training services to be delivered and embraced by a new generation of computer-literate trainees.



Another innovative development by Dutch company ANSART introduces Product-as-a-Service to help customers looking to minimise initial investment costs when shouldering the up-front financial hit of installing an ATC simulator. The company’s 3D display visualisation supports combined tower and radar training with fully integrated hardware-or software-based voice communications and built-in record and playback capabilities. The basic package comes with ready-to-use training exercises, or ANSART can customise the software. ANSART Marketing Manager, Kate Arlouskaya, says: “The customer pays in small instalments and can stop at any time. It can run on a customer’s hardware or we can supply this in addition to maintaining, servicing and upgrading as needed.”

The company’s tower simulator operates in Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, in addition to larger installations at European training academies. After several years of supplying ATC equipment to prime contractors, ANSART began marketing under its own name in 2018, backed by a strong software development team in its Polish production facilities. “We set out to match client expectations from the outset and implement our projects on a turnkey basis,” says Arlouskaya.

ANSART ATC Simulator  during the World ATM Congress 2022

Product-as-a-Service concept can be applied to almost any of ANSART products.

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